Prana Expressions humbly began our journey in 2008 with a mission to create truly natural home and body products for our optimum health and well-being. We left many products sitting on our “Test in Session” shelf for the past 10 years for testing, and diligently continued working to finally bring you one of the best, honest, natural products out there in the market.

We are a consciously driven company providing Luxurious Necessities that are all about pure, simple sustainable, ecological and intelligent living.

Every proprietary essential oil blend that Prana creates is truly a piece of art. It is as if someone intuitively touched and sensed these botanical extracts and honored their beneficial properties.

Here, at Prana Expressions, we have a laser beam vision to source the best of ingredients, and are committed to creating TRULY natural, non-synthetic products for our benefit and well-being. We adamantly do not create nor mix organic/natural ingredients with synthetic ingredients, and then dishonestly label it “Natural”.

You are Your Home, Your Body, Your Solace, Your Kingdom. Prana Expressions has You in mind with every product creation.




We believe in supporting an elevated quality of living by using ecological and sustainable ingredients.

We believe that luxury is for everyone.

We believe in being consciously kind to ourselves, and nourishing our bodies with the best.

We believe in always putting human relationships and love first before anything else.

We believe in our personal responsibility to empower, elevate, and enrich every human being in every way possible.

We believe in paying it forward……

And yes, we are proud to say that we use our own products rather fanatically!

We are exceptionally aware of our emotional, mental, and spiritual state at the time we create, and pack your products for shipping, and intentionally exude a positive vibe and joy through our products.

So, when our products come home to you, they are sent with much Prana, Namastes, Alohas and well-wishes for your personal success, bliss, peace and joy!!

Now, welcome to a blend of luxurious, and mood boosting Pure Essential Oil line of products infused in everything natural. Relax, take some time for yourself, and enjoy the Prana Botanical experience.

SIMPLY no sls. no parabens. no phthalates. no sulfates. no artificial preservatives. no artificial fragrance. no animal testing.


Sukhmeet Kaur
Director of Luxurious Necessities
Prana Expressions

Love This Beautiful Life!